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I get my gear from these sites:


About this blog

This blog is meant to help inform newer participants of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) what they should get in order to properly train.

The following posts will be broken down into stages to help you decide what you should buy first.

Stage 1

These are two items that I would purchase first. They both help prevent injuries that may occur often without the protection.



Mouth Piece



In addition, you might look into getting a long sleeve rash guard to help prevent mat burn and various forms of fungal skin infection (ringworm). There are loose fit and tight fitting versions. Less expensive brands can be found at local department stores. I bought my rash guard from Piranha Gear.

Any kind of loose shorts will work. Companies sell specially tailored fight short, but board-shorts from your local Walmart or Target have always worked for me.

Stage 2


Boxing Gloves

Wondering what size gloves to get? Here’sa rule of thumb I go by:

If you weigh 155 lbs. or less get 14 oz. gloves

155 lbs. to 185 lbs. get 16 oz. gloves

185 lbs. to 200 lbs. can be either 16 oz. or 18 oz. (Your training partners will appreciate 18 oz.)

200 lbs. or more get 18 oz. gloves

Boxing gloves are meant to protect your hand and your partners head. If you are using a lighter glove then you will have to pull your punches more to prevent either of you from injuries. Having a heaver glove will let you strike closer to your full potential and help prevent some bad habits.

Shin Protection


head gear


Head Gear

Personally I have never used head gear. This will be an individual preference.

Stage 3

Sometimes we will practice MMA drills that involve striking while also using submission wrestling. MMA sparring gloves help make sure that participants don’t get injured as easily.  I feel these type of gloves are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment by newer participants of the sport. The padding on these are thick enough that you can put a little more power behind your strikes; while also keeping your partner free from injury.



MMA Fight Gloves – If you have any thoughts of ever doing a fight you will need these. They can also be useful for hitting pads. I also suggest practicing your submission wrestling with these. Very little striking of a partner should be done with them as there is very little protection. Use a MMA hybrid or sparring glove to throw more strike while training. 


R2C mma gloves